Monday, December 31, 2012

a year in review

as i have reflected on 2012 over the past few days and weeks, i've been trying hard not to let the couple of completely terrible things that happened define the whole year. because, though some of the worst things that have ever happened to me happened to me this year, on the whole it was actually pretty great.

the highlight was, of course, my first wedding anniversary. if you hate mushy love stuff, i recommend you skip ahead, as i'd like to take a moment to say how incredibly thankful i am to be married to AWD. when i think about the people i thought i might like to marry, before AWD came along that is, i am astounded by my own naivete and short-sightedness. this is not to say that every day is a rosy cakewalk-- this is life we are talking about after all-- but being married to AWD has made me feel safe and empowered in a way i never imagined. i just didn't know there was a person who could make me feel so comfortable and unashamed to be no one but myself, and now i can't even imagine what my life would have been like if i'd ended up with anyone else. i am so grateful that a loving heavenly father blesses us with what we want, paired with what we need.

other highlights from the year include:

a trip south with d

a little movie magic 
some (work-related) love from the white house
good friends. old friends. ice cream.

warrior games!
good eats and good cousins in austin

new york with the mama bear

family reunion (and cotton candy)

china! china! china! china! china!
four more years
playoff baseball (even for losers)

some (christmas-related) love from the white house

the killers (even AWD liked it!)  

and, maybe the biggest highlight of all: perspective. to have learned this lesson, that good things and rich blessings are just as inevitable as bad things and hard trials, and to know that even the worst things i can imagine are things i can endure, and then endure well, just that alone would have made 2012 a pretty great year.

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SRA said...

That concept...that good things and rich blessings are as inevitable as bad things and hard times...that's interesting. Not something I currently believe, but seems reasonable. Really glad you made it through those bad things so you could provide the rest of us with this knowledge.