Friday, June 28, 2013

take me out

the outdoors is a swimming pool lately, all heat and humidity and stickiness, and there has been a lot of unexpected rain to boot, but we braved it all for a nationals game on wednesday, and it was totally worth it.

there was a home run, a stolen base on a passed ball (one of my favorite baseball events ever, second only to a stolen base (preferably home!) on a wild pitch), a huge ice cream cone (unrelated to the play) and the nats won.

i'm a little behind, but hello summer!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


as it turns out, buying a house and then moving into it and then unpacking all your stuff and then organizing all your stuff and then deciding what new stuff you need to buy and then choosing that new stuff and then getting it delivered/set up/put together is all a pretty time consuming affair.

i have really wanted to be organized from the start this time, so i've spent a lot of time decided exactly where things should go and then putting them there. which isn't to say there aren't some things just tossed into closets to be dealt with later (like when we move out in 38 years), but i've been trying.

and it's coming along. really nicely, actually. maybe some day soon i'll show you?

one thing that we just didn't have the time or energy to tackle this year was the yard. besides the basic maintenance (AWD mowing the lawn, me purchasing and then killing some hanging plants), we haven't done much. but, as it happened, it didn't matter. because we have the most gorgeous hydrangea bushes in the front that bloomed gloriously even in the face of drought and neglect. i added a few impatiens to the window boxes and, voila! we look like we know what we're doing in the garden department.

plus, i can snip flowers from my very own bushes and enjoy them inside, too.

and that, my friends, is bliss.