Friday, July 26, 2013

sail away

yesterday was the kind of day that just sort of wears you out with its rotten-ness. 

but then, after all the work and drama was over, i picked up matt and ABK and headed to the marina. kathryn was waiting for us (dinner group complete!) and off we went on a little sail.

the weather was divine, cool with light air and gorgeous sunshine, kathryn made a feast and we spent a blissful two hours on the water.

and, as a bonus, ABK agreed to teach my children how to sail.

no bad day can survive an evening like that.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

open happiness

everyone has been asking me if i've had any pregnancy cravings and by and large the answer has been no. i haven't had any wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-need-to-eat-chicken-wings-or-i'll-die cravings. but lately i have been dying for a coke.

the thing is, carbonation is giving me bad acid reflux and i haven't had any caffeine since i started this whole baby-growing business because i already get kicked in the bladder 500 times a day and i'd rather not give the little lady any more energy.

but man, do i want a coke.

so the other day i was at our regular lunchtime deli, and i saw that they had coke flavored gummy candy. and i thought to myself, maybe this is the answer to all my problems! so i bought them. and i ate the whole bag.

i'll spare you the suspense.

a bag of coke flavored gummies is not the same as a tall, cool glass of coke.

not at all.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

family out evening

back in the days when i lived in the slc, some of my favorite friends and i made a little tradition of a twist on the mormon family home evening. we called it family out evening, and instead of staying home for a lesson and a treat, we would all go out together for, well, mostly treats. but togetherness is what matters, says i.

AWD and i have been trying to get in some good family-oriented routines now that we've got a family on the way, and we made a step in the right direction last night with a family out evening of our own. and even better, it could not have been more mormony: shopping for strollers and cribs at target and dinner at cafe rio.


i guess this our life now? 

Thursday, July 11, 2013


you know what makes a hot and muggy thursday a little better? (or good at all?)

a free slurpee.

oh, thank heaven.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

'til we meet

it was a tuesday this year, april 23rd, that marked two years since briana passed away.

i thought for a long time about what i wanted to do to honor the day. a service project? a small gathering of friends? a donation? a big batch of lemon bars? but life caught up with me and i never really settled on anything and then there i was, sitting at the doctor's office hearing the ultrasound tech telling us that the baby we are expecting in september is a girl and i was so relieved and so happy and i started to cry and then i realized.

it was april 23rd.

i don't miss briana the way i used to, with an intense sadness that would come crashing down unexpectedly and try to stick around, and i think that is as it should be. i miss her now in the sort of way you miss a friend who pops in every once in a while but who you wish popped in more.

i wonder if she would like mumford and sons and the lumineers or what she would think of the wendy davis fillibuster or pinterest. i wish i could ask her why my attempts at her favorite shortbread recipe keep going wrong.

i have had for some time now a strong and satisfying feeling that she is busy, engaged and moving forward with her life on the other side, and that we should be doing the same here. sure, i wish she could see my belly, feel my baby kick, give me assurance and advice. but i am also learning that i can forge my own way and find my own answers. i am proud of that, and i think she is, too.

in my head i have an image of briana on the other side, getting our baby ready to come. telling her stories about me-- what kind of friend i was and what kind of mom i might be. they will never meet on this earth, but i think they are already friends.

and if, a few years down the road, it turns out that my baby can make a perfect batch of buttery, sugary shortbread, i'll know for sure.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

no work, all play

our weekends and other free days have been an endless stream of cleaning and weeding and unpacking and organizing and finance-reviewing lately, and there are few things i find more demoralizing than feeling like my life has been taken over by mundane, administrative tasks. so i unilaterally named last saturday no-chore saturday. and, (un)surprisingly, received no complaints.

so, instead of what has become our boring norm, saturday was all sleeping in and homemade muffins for breakfast and more sleeping and  a day trip adventure to leesburg.

ever since i moved here i've wanted to go to old lucketts store, a magical place filled to the brim with every weird and wonderful vintage and antique thing you could ever want. it was everything i had hoped for. i walked through every room and touched almost every treasure. though i think AWD is rubbing off on me because, while i normally would have walked out of there at least with a strange bust or a couple colored mason jars-- something!-- every time i picked something up i thought, where would i put this? or, it would make the house seem too cluttered. people, this is definitely a shift. i wouldn't classify myself as a minimalist, certainly, but AWD seems to have turned my previously maximalist ways into something more middle-of-the-road. (and he couldn't be happier about it.)

i didn't walk away empty-handed from the roadside farm stands, though (corn! peaches! cherries!), and we grabbed a delicious lunch in historic downtown before heading back to washington city.

and you know what? it turned out that putting off those chores didn't matter one single bit.