Thursday, November 29, 2007

to india, with love

the oh-so-charming and talented sarah monson left us earlier this month for a year-long adventure in india, and we sent her off with a big bash at the house. it was all kinds of fun, which you can see for yourselves. perhaps this will inspire ms. sarah to start a blog of her own...? (seriously, sarah, where is your blog?)

a good time was had by all, and even though i cried when it was time to say good-bye, i am glad india is in such capable hands.

a blog is born

so, jerry seinfeld was on tv the other day, lamenting how cell phones have changed our lives. "when was the last time you heard the phone ring and someone shouted, 'i'll get it!'" he said. now it's all caller i.d. and blocked numbers and annoying ring tones (though i do sort of love the fact that my dad's phone plays the mexican hat dance song. it does not, sadly, actually do the mexican hat dance. maybe some day). anyway, i could not agree with jerry seinfeld more. i have been a late adopter of technology of all kinds: cell phones, ipods, tivo (still not there yet), and blogging. then one day, not too long ago, it occured to me that i derive much joy from reading other people's blogs and i was doing nothing to return the favor. i was, in other words, all take and no give out in the blogsophere, and that hardly seems fair. so, here you go! a blog for me and for you. enjoy.