Tuesday, December 18, 2012

have i done any good?

it's been hard to think about anything but sad, bad news since the connecticut shooting on friday. and i add my thoughts and prayers to all those already offered on behalf of those poor families. the mind boggles, really.

but, in the face of sad, bad things, good things happen, too. i stumbled upon this list of 26 moments from the past year that restored faith in humanity and it was such a pleasure to scroll through and see big and small and simple goodness all around. it's possible that i might have teared up at my desk at work reading about all this kindness, but i am not going to confirm or deny that.

i will confirm that my favorite of all the awesome things to choose from was the story of caine, and the cardboard arcade he built in his dad's used auto parts store in east l.a. i defy anyone to watch this video and not feel like there are still people in the world looking out for each other. especially the little guys. (i can't get the video to embed so you'll have to click on the link. but trust me, you won't be sorry.)

there. i feel a little bit better. how about you? 


eburn said...

Here is another article that shows there is goodness out there.


HeatherLynn said...

Totally awesome. I teared up, too. And smiled forever. Thanks!