Friday, December 7, 2012

just invite us to your parties and we'll work it out

it was rainy and gray when i woke up this morning, which did nothing to help the bad mood that's been hanging over me since yesterday. i just feel blah and blerg and meh, meh, meh. which might explain why the thing that made me happiest today was this video about a couple breaking up because he wanted kids and she didn't.

don't misunderstand, i'm not happy that they're breaking up. it sounds awful. as they say themselves, "breaking up's a mess." they seem like really nice people who really like each other and i am sorry it didn't work out. really.

but something about the me of today really appreciated that they were so mature and straightforward about it and just put it out there for what it was. sometimes i think the best thing to do is recognize that a really crappy thing is happening without sugar-coating it or laying blame or trying to talk yourself into (or out of) something that you don't want or believe.

s-word happens, you know? and recognizing it and then moving on when we're ready is usually the best medicine. and a bow tie and a catchy tune help it go down a little easier.

so, i'll just say that today was yucky. a lot of yesterday was yucky. but tomorrow could very well be lovely and wonderful and i am going to do what i can to make it that way. sound like a deal?

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SRA said...

Very much agree with the 'don't beat around the bush or sugar-coat' sentiment. The best way through most things is through them.