Friday, December 21, 2012

the twelve dates of christmas: date ten

for the past couple years, AWD and i have gone to see "the nutcracker" around christmastime. it's one of my favorite traditions. but this year we were a little slow on the draw getting our tickets and there were only really expensive seats left and so we decided not to go.

and i was sad.

but then, i heard that they had released some seats for a sold-out killers concert, and it seemed like too good of a christmas miracle to pass up.

so, off we went for the tenth date of christmas to see the killers at the patriot center in fairfax.

you may recall that i am close, personal friends of the killers (they might not remember, but it's true), thanks to my catering work on the set of the music video for "human." and by catering, i mean that sallee and i made eggs over a camp stove, and banana boats in dutch ovens. but, a good time was had by all, and it was nice to see the band again after so much time apart.

they put on a pretty sweet show, complete with skinny jeans, fireworks, smoke and swoony dancing. i was a little worried about whether AWD was having a good time, as he is not a super fan of concerts, but as we were walking out he said, "well, that was definitely more fun that 'the nutcracker.'" so, i guess we found a winner.


Mom said...

It was fun to re-read the old post, but I still miss the pictures. Can you put them back up now? It's been long enough.

Mom, again said...

Oh, okay, got 'em on the second post. Cool!