Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the twelve dates of christmas: date three

for our third date of christmas we decided to just do something every-day and normal.

so we went to the white house to see the holiday decorations.

yep. we went to the white house to see the holiday decorations. because that's how we do.

we have our kinda-sorta-cousin-in-law, chase, to thank; he works in the white house correspondence office and scored some tickets and was so nice and generous to invite us along. it was AWD's first time at the white house, which made it even more exciting. and honestly, no matter what my aunt joyce says, going to the white house never gets old. i just love walking through those rooms and thinking of all the things that have happened in them. and the whole thing is even more magical when everything is decorated for christmas.

the theme of this year's decorations was "joy to all," and i think it was an apt theme indeed.

sometimes d.c. is just the place where we live and hang out and it all seems pretty run-of-the-mill. and then something like this happens and i think, "man, i live here! here." and it feels really lucky and special. i like those moments. and it has to be said: thanks, obama!


PNRBAC said...

Love the dates idea...gonna have to steal that one. Too bad one of them can't be to the White House though...bummer. Loved the gingerbread White House. Very cool.
p.s. LOVE the haircut!

SRA said...

WOW. Loved all of it, especially Bo and the gingerbread White House. God bless America, eh?!