Thursday, December 6, 2012

the twelve dates of christmas: dates four and five

AWD has been struck with a flu bug that's going around, so we've been laying low this week and taking things easy. which means lots of christmas movie watching! hurrah!

i made an unrealistically long list of christmas movies i want to watch this year and we crossed two of them off the list for christmas dates four and five.

first was the classic, it's christmas, charlie brown. the scene where linus steps out on stage and recites the christmas story from the book of luke has to be one of my favorite christmas movie scenes of all time. and i have a new determination to talk more like charlie brown characters, so don't be surprised if you hear a lot more, "oh, brother" from me.

we also started what i hope will be a new tradition of watching a christmas story. i didn't grow up with that movie like a lot of people did, but i am definitely an adult convert. i can never stop laughing when randy blurts out from under the sink, "dad's gonna kill ralphie!" the whole thing is so absurd and delightful. and i have a new determination to talk more like the parker family, so don't be surprised if you hear a lot more "on the double!" from me.

is it bad if i am sort of hoping AWD will stay a little sick so we can fit in a muppet christmas carol before the week is over?


SRA said...

Ha! Both excellent choices. "A Christmas Story" is loaded with great lines.

And what about "White Christmas"?!

Kate said...

Oh man, our local movie theater is showing "A Christmas Story" this month, along with another classic, "Christmas Vacation". Kevin and I really need to find a babysitter. . .