Friday, September 26, 2008

all these things i've done

today i wore a large and creatively-tied scarf in my hair that made me feel hip and cool, but also a little like carmen miranda.

i also took a walk in liberty park and passed a guy wearing a shirt that said, "11 a.m.: headache. and who is this girl?" (if i had a dime for every time...)

and, my totally awesome threadless t-shirt, a birthday present from my big baby brother came in the mail. and i got to see my long-time crush, salt lake city mayor ralph becker.

additionally, and perhaps most importantly, a little interweb research revealed that a certain new song by a certain hip band (who will remain nameless because identifying them on your blog seems to get you into trouble) has, in fact, been released. which means that i can again put up pictures of my time spent working with said band on a music video for said song. this picture might jog your memory.

for the whole story, go here. (or, i guess, just scroll down.)

upon subsequent review, really the only pictures that are independently interesting are these of sallee, our new friend jen and me in the helicopter, so here they are again.

let me reiterate that riding in a helicopter is a totally surreal, wonderful, sort of emotionally connective experience, and definitely worth all the work i had to do flirting with the pilot to get a ride in the first place. let me also reiterate that imposed internet censorship is lame, even if it does come from guys who can rock eyeliner. but it looks like i got the last word after all. so there.

(p.s. because i love you, i'll tell you the new song is called "human" and it's pretty good and you should look for it. fingers crossed that that little divulgence doesn't put the interweb sleuths on my tail again.)

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