Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a bicycle built for three

when sallee and nathan got engaged i told nathan that, as the person losing my best friend, i thought i deserved some sort of consolation prize. i mean, she got a diamond (not to mention a husband) out of the deal, right? a ring for me seemed like a totally reasonable request. and i was clear that cubic zirconia was fine.

being the amenable fellow that he is, nathan was happy to go along with my request (ok, it was more like a demand) and presented me with a ring(pop) that was not only beautiful but delicious, and turned my tongue and lips a very alluring shade of red. what a guy.

i was also pretty clear that there was going to be a lot of "the three of us" going on (in a strictly non-adulterous kind of way) as i have no qualms about being the tag-along. true to form, nathan was on board for that as well.

and so, for our first triple date since the vows were said, sallee, nathan and i went on a little bike ride yesterday. we met up just west of the airport, did a little bike maintenance...

and rode out to saltair. nathan hung back for a while, keeping our pace, before finally giving up and speeding ahead in what sallee calls "tour de france mode." this involves, among other things, leaning low over the handlebars with a look of intense concentration.

the ride itself is just gorgeous, along some salt flats and the shore of the great salt lake, and the time of day was absolutely perfect. thanks to nathan's speediness, and our attempts to keep up with him, we finished the 21 miles in a little more than an hour, arriving back at the cars just as the sun was dipping under the horizon.

the best part of the night, though, was catching up with my favorite marrieds. i usually have a pretty strict "married people are dead to me" friend rule, but i think i'll keep these two around.