Sunday, September 28, 2008

midday sunset (peak)

when heather came to get me for our hike yesterday morning i was still in my pajamas, and if you guessed that was a (bad) sign about my committment to go hiking, you are the winner!

the plan was to send summit september out with a bang by hiking to the top of grandeur peak, but i was having trouble getting excited about that. and heather was having trouble getting excited about my new plan of sending summit september out with a bang by going back to bed. luckily, a compromise was struck and we headed up little cottonwood canyon to sunset peak, which turned out to be the perfect choice; perfect length, perfect difficulty (as in i can use my legs today, a big plus), perfect weather, and the fall colors in the canyon and on the mountain were truly stunning.

as we started our ascent i wondered out loud whether i would miss the mountains if and when the time came for me to leave utah. when i came here three years ago, i wasn't in the habit of doing things like scaling down canyon walls and up mountain sides, and i am inclined to think that back then it really wouldn't have mattered. but now, i am not so sure. i have grown sort of attached to these majesties. and, can you blame me?

{starting out}

{strange to think this will all be covered with snow sooner than i would like to admit}


{the destination}

{the view}

{homeward bound}


madelyn said...

This made me miss the mountains...and fall. Sounds like it was a great hike!

Joelle said...

That view alone is worth the hike. Looking forward to our short hike this week :)