Wednesday, September 24, 2008

birthday, birthday, welcome to earth day!

have i mentioned it was my birthday? because it was! and i threw myself a party, because that is the way i like to roll. (actually, ck and briana did all the hard work. thanks a million, girls!)

now, i am willing to throw myself parties, but i am not that into taking pictures of myself at parties i am throwing for myself because that just seems, well, a little too self-indulgent. (though sometimes i really do wonder, is there such a thing?) luckily, professional photographer dallas was on hand and offered to document for me. some people snuck out before their presence could be recorded, but i think this is a fairly good representation of the good times had by all. the only thing missing is a shot of the gallons and gallons of ice cream we ate. and no, i do not exagerrate.

{don't ask what these two were doing out by the car later in the night}

{ryan came all the way from new york city to help me celebrate! and miaken came all the way from the ghetto}

{joel is doing the "touchdown" sign. as he pointed out, twenty-seven is a football score, after all}

{heather brought me beautiful flowers}

{and emily taught me how to tie a stylish summer scarf}

{self portrait}

{birthday buddies. dallas had one the day before. the only sad news? i feel like i have a double chin and half-closed eyes in all these pictures. i really am getting old...}


Anonymous said...

Come home and I'll show you what a real double chin looks like! Now that you're 27, you are half my age!

Ninny Beth said...

do you realize that emily potter is my friend from portland? And that steve soelberg is the brother of nate who is a good friend of mine from here in korea? The world is so small! Happy Late Birthday from the little city across the way...

frances said...

ninny... i did know that you know emily potter, though i am not sure i knew it was from portland. don't/didn't her parents live in korea? or something like that? as for nate soelberg, does he also bear a striking resemblance to kevin bacon?