Thursday, September 18, 2008

summit this! (september)

a few years ago, my dear friend sarah started a tradition called "summit september," wherein she climbed to the summit of a mountain once a week for every week in the month of september. i think we can all agree that is a pretty ambitious undertaking. i joined her for one summit last year, a slightly ill-fated trip to the top of deseret peak, the details of which i will not get into here. let's just say we both learned it was better to a) wear more clothes than just shorts and t-shirts and b) not lock the keys inside the car at the trailhead.

sarah has, sadly, moved away, but i decided to carry on the summit september tradition this year, at least in part. and so, heidi and mara and i tackled mt. olympus last saturday. actually, mara slept through her alarm, but miraculously caught up with us on the trail, forever confirming my contention that i am, in fact, the world's slowest hiker.

the hike itself is pretty brutal; you gain more than 4,000 feet in a little more than three miles, and the path to the summit itself is a big mess of rocks and boulders you have to climb hand over foot. i was skeptical about anything being worth that effort, but 360 degree views of the valley and the most clear sky and perfect weather anyone could ask for proved me wrong. my legs are still complaining a bit, but i can't think of a better way to have spent a september saturday (those of you who skipped to watch the byu vs. ucla football game, and you know who you are, really missed out).

see for yourselves!

{starting the ascent, early morning}

{mara miraculously catches up. could she have super powers?}

{on the way up}

{scramble to the top. heidi doesn't know i have this picture}

{at the summit}

{tired feet}

{the long road home}

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Ninny Beth said...

i did that hike with sarah two years ago and spent most of the time sitting on rocks pretending to be getting my nalgene out for a "brief" drink of water when anyone went by...I didn't make it to the summit, so thanks for pics!