Tuesday, September 9, 2008

one time, i went skydiving

anyone who has known me for a long time, or, frankly, even not that long of a time, is probably aware of my strong propensity for self-preservation (and a comfortable sleeping environment), which is why my activities of late have been such an exhilirating mystery. i assure you, i do not engage in this type of behavior regularly. but, as it happens, i jumped out of a plane on saturday.

and, happily, i lived to share the experience with you!

there really are no words to describe the butterflies in my stomach as we climbed in a small plane to 13,000 feet. or how quickly i went from sitting comfortably on a bench to hanging out the door of an airplane. or what it felt like when the first, intense gush of wind hit my face and i realized i was flying. or how incredibly beautiful everything looks when you are floating above it. or what a complete badass (pardon my language, but sissy words will not do when the topic is jumping from a plane!) i felt like when i landed safely on the ground and realized: i did it! i jumped from a plane! i dove through the sky! i did it!

no words.

but, luckily, lots of pictures! (they are still worth 1,000 words these days, right?)

title: the excitement builds. (a series)

{mastermind devin}

{allison and ashley}


title: please stop making jokes about your last wishes. (or, wasn't playing a song called "death upon impact" in the car enough for you?)

title: sign (your life away) on the dotted line. (a series)

title: suiting up. (or, a jumpsuit? yes, please! a series)

title: my middle name.

title: all aboard. (or slight panic begins. a series)

title: up, up, up. (or, the only way out of this plane is to jump)

title: let me show you to the door. (or, i don't remember this part at all)

title: holy %&$#, i am about to jump out of a plane!

title: holy %&$#, i just jumped out of a plane! (or, the beginning of the scream heard from the ground)

title: the least-graceful backflip ever executed midair (or, frances loses control of all appendages. but not her bladder. a series)

title: freefall. (or, who knew plummeting 8,000 feet in 60 seconds could be this fun? or, i can't stop screaming. a series)

{meeting up midair with photographer, sergio}

{tandem master, fish, strapped to my back}

title: meanwhile.

title: from the ground. (or, i'm the one in blue. a series)

title: sliding into home. (a series)

title: survivors. (or, remember how we just jumped out of an airplane? a series)

title: all in a days' work. (or, adventure suits me well, don't you think?)


Sallee said...

This may be a silly question but why aren't the boys sporting those fabulous jump suits?

Joelle said...

This is something I have always wanted to do! You are so cool!

Twinkie said...

i have to do this now. i seriously have to.

frances said...

sallee... no one seemed as excited about the jumpsuit as i was. so everyone else decided to go without. but, i am the only one without grass stains on my jeans, so who's the smarty-pants now?

suvi said...

Frances! You are so brave!! I am completely in awe. And HOT in that blue jumpsuit! Seriously, that is amazing. Can I now call you Frances the Brave? it has a nice ring to it.

erica spelman said...

F, to put it frankly, these pictures f'in rock!!!!!!

Ashlee Kate Christofferson said...

That is awesome! Something I don't think I could ever do but wish I had enough courage to do. The pictures are great!