Thursday, September 13, 2012

idaho, calling me home

it was a lovely funeral and a lovely weekend in idaho where the sunrise looks like this.

selfishly, i was a little glad about the whole thing because it meant that i got to see my aunts and uncles and cousins who i had missed seeing earlier in the summer because we didn't make it to the family reunion.

we took a break from leftover ham and funeral potatoes (my mom as we were driving from the cemetery to the luncheon put on by the relief society: "i hope they haven't changed the menu.") and had an early saturday morning breakfast at local favorite, the buffalo, where even if you eat half of what's on your plate you have a whole lot left.

we went down to the festival at perrine bridge, where there were base jumpers, cotton candy and a police car open for exploring.

and my dad let his doctor brother remove a mole from his face. the rest of us went to watch as moral support/nosy interlopers. (sorry, no pictures.)

there was also lots of time sitting and laughing and talking with family, which is my favorite thing of all. in the end it was rather a wonderful weekend, just the way grandpa would have wanted it, i think.

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Mom said...

It was a wonderful weekend - the best it could possibly be. I'm so glad you were there this time around.