Friday, February 17, 2012


some friends of ours had a film festival on valentine's day and, even though we couldn't go, we submitted a little movie.

it was super fun to make it, and we owe a big thanks to sarita bonita for directing us and filming everything. and a big thanks to AWD who was both a good sport and hilarious. i have watched this movie a couple times a day every day since we finished it just because i think he's so funny and adorable.

and i hope you think so, too.

happy friday!


Anonymous said...

that was darling !!!!
I look at your blog everyday.
love, aunt Wenda Lee

Mom said...

You're BOTH so funny and adorable. It's nice to have a superhero in the house, isn't it?

Emily J said...

Frances - I LOVE this! You are so creative.

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