Thursday, February 16, 2012

teenage dream

i am taking a social media certification course at georgetown university and today was my first class. and let me tell you something, it might as well have been my first day in seventh grade for how nervous and insecure i felt.

i guess it goes to show you can take the girl out of awkward tween but you can't take the awkward tween out of the girl. or something.

i was so worried about saying the wrong thing, and about whether the cool kids would like me. and it didn't help that i am so overwhelmed and, frankly confused, by all these crazy, new-fangled social media platforms (mashable? gov loop? four square? what?!?) but i am a grown-up professional woman for sobbing out loud. it was a little ridiculous.

and the whole time i felt like just standing up and shouting: i am cool! like me! i am not the tongue-tied weirdo that i appear to be! give me a chance! please?!?

remember how i said it was a little ridiculous? well, it was.

i've often wondered if we ever outgrow the trauma of our own childhoods rejections, real or perceived. after today, i think the answer is no. but i also think that might be OK.

and i think i can win those cool kids over eventually.


Mom said...

You were the coolest teen I ever knew! Of course, I am your Mom.

Stephanie May Anderson said...

Oh, you ARE the cool kid. No doubt you'll be "in" with them soon enough.