Tuesday, June 28, 2011

lions and tigers and gum grafts. oh my.

i knocked off work a little early yesterday and met mom and AWD at the national zoo.

i have been wanting to go to the zoo since i moved here, and have been thwarted many times, but yesterday i triumphed. naturally pretty much all the animals were asleep or hiding somewhere where we couldn't see them, but mom bought me a bag of cotton candy and AWD bought me a panda bear lunch bag, so the trip was definitely a success.

today we took mom to columbia firehouse in old town alexandria, where we'll be having our wedding dinner. she loved the space and i loved stuffing stuffed myself with my last solid food meal for a while. tomorrow morning my gums and i go under the knife.

so, unless i can find my way through the vicodin-induced haze, it might be radio silence around here for a few days. or it might be a lot of entertaining, nonsensical posts. i'll surprise you.

wish me luck!


Dental Implant said...

Its a great experience for you, hope you are ready for your dental procedure of gum grafts i guess.

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