Monday, June 6, 2011

meanwhile, back at the ranch.

i am back!

back from colorado. back from atlanta. back from minneapolis.


and it is good. good to be back.

there are lots of pictures of atlanta coming soon (ever seen a cabbage patch doll "delivery"? you will!) and the only thing that you might find interesting about minneapolis (unless you are into traumatic brain injury research and advances in prosthetics technology) is what was possibly the most embarrassing incident of my professional life in which i meant to pull out a handful of challenge coins to hand to my boss to give out to the roomful of marines we were meeting with but instead pulled out a handful of coins and a tampon.


i came back to much nicer weather here than i left, so we've been grilling and strolling around the neighborhood and EH and i planted some flowers and a little herb garden. if you need mint or rosemary or parsley or cilantro, we're your girls.

i think AWD and i have also finally picked a place for our wedding dinner (worst.project.ever), and i had my third dress fitting, so looks like the wedding is still on.


i'll say it again.

it's good to be back.


Mary said...

Sorry to bother you, I have a strange question. I found your blog because I am looking for the song Birthday, Birthday, coming to Earth day, pink and wrinkled and small... I googled it and it came up that you had a post with that title back in 2008. I have it stuck in my head and don't know where I have heard it. I want to use it for girls camp in two days and don't know where to find it. Any suggestions?

Mom said...

Reminds me of the time I dropped a tampon in a chair at my client's office and she put it in an inter-office envelope and had it delivered back to me.