Monday, June 27, 2011


it was a big weekend around here, my babies.

it all started when the mama bear landed on friday night. any day that the mama bear is in town is a good day no matter what.

on saturday, the ever-so-talented and always gracious and graceful dallas graham hit the scene to take our engagement photos. after emptying my whole closet and haggling all morning over what to wear, i basically never want to choose another outfit as long as i live. the good news is, once we were dressed it was all smooth and delightful sailing. we hit up the dairy godmother (scene of our first date) where all the passersby wished us well, the C&O canal in georgetown with some bikes in tow, and dumbarton oaks with everything gorgeous and blooming.

we did sort of run out of ideas for how we could hold hands or link arms or gaze at each other lovingly in new and creative ways, but it was also a totally fun day and i can't wait to see the finished product. we got a few sneak peeks and they looked pretty great. that dallas, he is like a wizard with a camera lens.

saturday night was the long-anticipated engagement party. we sent out postcard invites for the big event, designed by laura and EH. they were a big hit.

to give you a sense of how much of my time and energy this party has been occupying over the last week or so, let me tell you this. i baked on batch of cupcakes every day for a week for a total of around 96. all of which were stored in my freezer until they were consumed saturday night. i never, ever thought i would come to this point in all my livelong days, but i never want to bake another cupcake again ever.

AWD strung the trees with lights, we fired up the fire pit (debut) for some s'mores action and the backyard filled up with people we love. it was the best thing ever. and, i am pleased to report, totally worth all the work and the stress and the baking. dal-pal was on the scene to take pictures of that, too, so stay tuned.

we rounded off the weekend with an impromptu dinner with all the bennett cousins to help us polish off the leftovers (we almost did it!) and enjoy the gorgeous outdoor weather. i crawled into bed sunday night happy, happy, happy.

hope your weekend was just as glorious, and that your week is off to a good start!


Cari said...

Um....I needed you when planning my wedding. That is super adorable! So happy for you!

CL said...

I didn't realize that was your wedding day- so cool! Congrats again Frances!!

Natalie said...

love love love the invitation. did i say i love it?

Kate said...

Gorgeous postcards! Cupcakes! SMORES! What fun! But I'm so, so jealous that I wasn't there. Why don't we live within driving distance?