Wednesday, June 8, 2011

karma chameleon

i just remembered one other interesting thing that happened in minneapolis.

(unless you're into national guard resiliency and military budget cycles.)

i found someone's credit card at the airport.

there it was, just lying on the escalator.

so i picked it up and called the number on the back.

it was actually a big rigamarole (didn't know how to spell that word until now) because i had to type in the card number, which was fine because i had the card in my hand, but then the recording on the other end asked for the billing zip code and i obviously had no idea what that was. and the recording on the other end was not very helpful in sorting out the issue.

but, when i finally got a person, he was very helpful. he was also indian. and, let's face it, probably in india at that very moment.

i explained to him that i had found the card, and wanted to make sure it was cancelled and all that honest and moral junk.

and then the conversation took this turn.

"i am thanking you so much for doing this honest thing and turning in this card. most people would not do such a good and a moral thing. usually, when people are taking the card, they are going first to the gas station because there you do not have to sign when you use the card. then maybe they are getting some electronics or something like this from best buy."

ok, makes sense. i guess.

but he wasn't done.

"but you are a good and a moral person and you are not doing these things and so this card is going to bring something good to you."

for a brief, shining moment i thought maybe the marriott rewards visa card had some sort of reward for honest, moral people like me. but, it turned out i was just getting a lesson on karma.

it went on.

"it is probably not going to be a tit-for-tat. maybe when the good thing happens you are not even noticing it. you are not thinking, 'oh, this is because i did the good and the moral thing and turned in the card.' probably it is not related and maybe it comes in a long time, but this card will bring you something good."

as a person who has had my identity stolen twice, i can only hope that the good that card brings me is immunity from people who are not so honest and moral as myself.

but i would take a pulitzer prize, or maybe a pony, too.

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kimberlee said...

this world would definitely benefit from more people like you. that is for sure.

you're hilarious, by the way. love your wit.