Thursday, June 16, 2011


after all that dental drama (still freaking out, btw), let us return to happier times, shall we? namely a recap of our memorial day trip to atlanta.

i have to say, my trips keep getting better and this was no exception. it was a perfect vacation. and here is how it went.

we started off with brunch in the hip warehouse district of atlanta, which we think is called midtown, at a place called west egg. it was delicious.

then we headed downtown.

first stop was the world of coca-cola. as you can see, the line was out.of.control.

question of the day: how come the coca-cola company can get a coke to anywhere in the world, but they can't manage a simple line?

once we got inside, it was all customer-worship brainwashing. what is the secret ingredient in coke's secret formula? you! the loyal customer! what is the best way to get through your problems and worries? buck up and drink a coke because you love coke and it loves you back! there was even a spot where you could write out your "coke story."

the tasting room was the best part (they have some good soda in south america), though all of asia was squirting out plain soda water, which was sort of a disappointment.

our souvenir was a fresh coke, bottled right there on the premises.

next stop was the aquarium, which is one of the biggest aquariums in the world. or has the biggest aquarium in the world. anyway, it's big. and full of amazing creatures. we even crawled through a tunnel for an up-close look at the penguins.

then we took a walk through centennial park. there were scads of little kids playing in the fountain. it was darling.

and then it was off to turner field for the braves vs. the cincinnati reds. i am pleased to report that my first-ever baseball crush, chipper jones, hit in the winning run. we will ignore the fact that it was in the 13th inning. and that it took that many innings because chipper kept dropping the ball. literally. either way, it was a perfect night for baseball.

saturday night we drove to athens, home of university of georgia, a sign that refers to the "war for southern independence" and a cannon that is always pointing north. you know, just in case.

athens is also not too far of a drive from stone mountain, a massive carving of general robert e. lee, stonewall jackson and jefferson davis, etched forever in a massive stone outcropping. stone mountain is 40 times bigger than mount rushmore. or something like that. put it this way: you can set up a table and eat breakfast on lee's shoulder. we walked around the grounds, watched a movie about the making of stone mountain, did our best to impersonate the carving and then took a tram to the top for a pretty spectacular view.

and for monday, we saved the best for last. namely we fulfilled EH's life-long dream with a visit to the cabbage patch babyland hospital, where cabbage patch dolls are born.

this place is no joke. you walk through a door that says "admitting," you sign in, all the staff are dressed like nurses and every inch is covered with cabbage patch dolls. we even saw two deliveries while we were there! mother cabbage pulled through like a champ. we spent a lot of time walking around and cuddling our favorite babies, ahem, dolls. i even did a little children's hairstyling. it was a magical morning.

we finished up with a quick visit to the atlanta temple, and jimmy carter's presidential library.

and then we were off.

and that, my babies, is a perfect trip to atlanta.


Evan and Holly said...

I can't believe that you fit that all in. Amazing. Wow. It looked like a ton of fun too. P.S. The picture of you in the cabbage, that really looks like a "I'm-going-to-pop-a-baby-out" photo. :)

Jill N said...

this has got to be the BEST TRIP EVER. talk about living little girls' dreams! (and also, talk about an awesome cabbage chair!)