Friday, June 17, 2011

rain, rain, here to stay

we fell asleep last night to rain and lightning and thunder that were really close. it was lovely. and, since EH and i watched "the sound of music" last night, i sang "my favorite things" in my head and felt quite content.

we woke up this morning to sunny blue skies. it was perfect.

and now it has clouded over again and the rain is coming down, just in time to curl up for friday night.

this morning i made three to-do lists, one for today, one for tomorrow and one for sunday. there are lots of things to get done these days and i was starting to panic (my dad says watching me panic is his favorite spectator sport) but now i feel much better and i am gearing up for a productive weekend.

i hope yours is lovely, too, my babies.

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Cari said...

I can see why your dad would say that. I remember a particular freak out the night before heading off to a foreign country that was going to be extremely cold. I did want you to freak out but it was rather entertaining. Don't worry everything will work out. just like it did back then.