Monday, July 4, 2011

crooked teeth

happy independence day, my babies!

i hope you are enjoying a day off work to celebrate and relax.

as for me, today feels pretty much the same as the last five days, which i have spent sleeping in, watching movies, drinking smoothies and eating slightly overcooked macaroni and cheese.

i did make it out of the house a couple of times for "transformers: dark of the moon" (totally worth it), the grocery store (totally worth it) and a dress fitting (totally worth it) and i've had tons of diligent visitors and caretakers, so things are not going too badly.

and now are you ready for the gory details of my surgery?

as a tribute to our founding fathers, here you go.

i actually only remember bits and pieces because i had two valium, two sleeping pills and some nitrus oxide before the whole thing went down. but they tell me that the doctor harvested a pretty big piece of tissue from the roof of my mouth, then peeled back my bottom gums, put the new piece down there, folded up my existing gums and stitched the whole kitten-caboodle together.

awesome, right?

because my existing gum tissue was as thin as a piece of tissue paper, the whole thing took a little more than an hour and a half. whether i'll still need some teeth extracted and replaced with implants remains to be seen. luckily, by the time the doctor makes a decision, AWD will already be married to me and he won't be able to get out of it whether i have wacky fake teeth or not.

i'll have my stitches for another week, but the recovery has not been too bad. little pain and almost no swelling. mostly i've just been really tired and my smile looks funny. oh, and i can't really brush my teeth (though i can use diluted mouthwash) so my mouth tastes pretty awesome.

and that's the recap from here. AWD, my hot compress and i are probably going to hit up a movie this afternoon and then head downtown for fireworks at the lincoln.

hope your day has some patriotic fun in store as well.

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