Thursday, July 14, 2011

first we got engaged. then we took a bunch of pictures.

the wedding invitations are stuffed! and my sanity is restored.

of course, now i am fighting the urge to rip open every envelope to make sure that i gave the right inserts to the right people because i have myself completely convinced that i didn't.

but, my dutiful and cheerful helpers (thanks, EH! thanks, miss angela! thanks, janelle!) assure me that i was very organized (first time ever) and that everything is just as it should be (i'll believe it when i see it) and that all is well (this is probably true).

i will say that, though the wedding invitation process is basically the least fun part of the whole wedding process, it did get done a lot more quickly and with a lot less heartburn than i was anticipating.

unless, of course, all those envelopes have been stuffed incorrectly. in which case i will die.

so, to distract me from this current panic, let's look at some of our engagement pictures! i don't want to spoil the surprise for any of you who will be getting one in the mail, so i won't reveal those.

i will reveal these ones, which we took outside the dairy godmother frozen custard shop, site of our first date.

and i'll reveal these ones, which we took around georgetown.

and, how about these ones, which we shot around dumbarton oaks, one of my favorite spots in all of the district of columbia.

and those are just the outtakes. so you can imagine how great the ones are that we are actually sending out. if i put the right one in your envelope, that is.


kimberlee said...

so nice to see you so in love. happy for you. in one of the pictures, it seems like your eyes are saying, "i've found him and i'm never letting him go."

CL said...

Love the pictures- you guys are super cute together. I don't know how the ones you sent could be better!

Thomas Palliser said...
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danniey said...

i love the pictures, and i love your outfits! can't wait to see the announcements! you two look so great!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

The Switzerland{unless there was another wedding invite you sent to this country, in which i can't account for their invite} invitation you sent out arrived! Thanks so much. All of us Farrars are excited for Andrew, that is for sure. And I love your blog. You are a crack up.