Thursday, July 7, 2011

it's all happening.

lots of big stuff is going down around here, my babies. lots of it.

1. i have a new car battery. it was expertly installed last night by AWD and the old auto is running like a champ. i might be imagining it, but i think my car actually got stronger. it feels faster and smoother than ever before.

2. i have wedding invitations. i just picked them up from the printer. they look awesome. stuffing them into envelopes is going to be less awesome but for you, my babies, i'll do it.

3. i have no more antibiotics. i've been taking antibiotics three dreadful times a day since the day before my surgery, which was now one week and one day ago, and today i took the last one. this feels like a milestone. the next milestone is my stitches coming out. countdown: five days. this is also the countdown to eating a burger, brushing my teeth and kissing. i am looking forward to these things roughly the same amount.

what's your big news?


Evan and Holly said...

I wish we lived closer. I am an expert announcement, stuffer, and adddresser (I know those aren't real words) and I have done it for friends and myself about 10 times. For my sister, I should count it twice because her mil didn't like the orientation of the stuffing we already did and made us change them all. Yes, I know. So I wish we lived closer, plus I have nothing to do at night once the kids are in bed. The big stuff around her is Aiden's 1st birthday and bash on Saturday--two weeks of prep time have been crammed into two days. I am crazy and in a panic. Send lots of prayers.

Evan and Holly said...

P.S. I would totally give up kissing over teeth brushing, but I don't care about burgers at all. Is that what you were asking? :)

Laura said...

i've been thinking about you with your oral ailment. hope things aren't too bad for you. i have also been wishing you could send the announcements to me to address. it's amazing how fast a couple of unemployeds can get things done.