Wednesday, July 6, 2011


last night i finished reading "bossypants" by tina fey.

i did not love it.

i liked it all right because it was sort of like reading one big long episode of "30 rock" and i really like "30 rock." but "30 rock" also has alec baldwin and sometimes matt damon and jon hamm and i don't need to read "30 rock" because i can watch it, so "bossypants" was a little bit of a let-down. i just wanted more substance, more truth, more tina and less liz lemon.

one time i watched tina fey give an acceptance speech for an award that was a big deal because she was only the second woman ever to have won it. and she talked about how great the day would be when you couldn't even count how many women had won this award, or how many african americans had won that award or how many anyone had won any award because it would all just be so normal and fair that it wouldn't matter anymore.

i really appreciated her attitude of humility and thankfulness, but also not taking things more seriously than they deserve and allowing for the amount of work there is left to do.

but i also feel like sometimes we can treat things not as seriously as they deserve and right now it is a big deal when tina fey wins those awards and she is the first or the second woman to be doing those things and in order for the rest of us to get there, too, we sort of need to know more about the trail she walked and how she blazed it.

and sure it is going to be different for everyone and sure some advice can be annoying and sure, maybe she didn't want to burden us with her unsolicited opinions but then what is the point of writing a book? and is an unsolicited story about your terrible college "boyfriend" or your husband having a panic attack on your honeymoon any more valuable just because they are hilarious?

there were some near-honest gems, but mostly i just wanted her to give me more. more of what it is really, truly like to get in front of the pack and lead it well.

maybe jack donaghy can help?


Anonymous said...

on the subject of women firsts, I have just begun reading Madeleine Albrights's autobiograpy, Madame Secretary. There's a trail blazer for you.

danniey said...

totally agree. read it and thought there were funny parts, but i wanted more reality. not only funny anecdotal stories. a little bit of a let down for me too, but still enjoyable.