Thursday, July 21, 2011

hands down, best abbey i've ever seen

i realize that we are sort of johnny-come-latelys on this, but AWD and i started watching the british miniseries "downtown abbey" and basically we are obsessed.

the drama! the intrigue! the delightful british humor! the joy of imagining yourself as a turn-of-the-century aristocrat!

it's pretty much all we've been doing for the past three nights (every time we finish our last episode of the night AWD says, "so. what are we doing tomorrow night?" like he even needs to ask), and i don't even feel bad about because with a heat index of 115 degrees (that includes 1,000 percent humidity) what else are we supposed to do but lie around like slugs watching TV?

nothing, that's what.


Laura said...

lately i've been watching Lark Rise to Candleford and i like it even more than Downton Abbey.

Cari said...

i feel less guilty about picking a movie or random show on netflix to fill our evenings here in Raleigh. This heat is a total killer!