Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a stitch in time

is it too late to talk about what we did this weekend?

no? good.

for one thing, we ordered AWD's wedding band. it's a looker.

for another thing, we also solved the mystery of the missing wedding invitations, which means that furthermore, we restored my mental well-being. i mailed those suckers today and i can't even tell you the sense of relief i feel. well, actually, i can tell you. the sense of relief i feel is monumental. even if nothing else gets done, we can have a wedding.

three cheers for that.

also, we had brunch at kramer books, and went to the u street farmers' market, where we saw this sign.

which was appropriate because then we went to see the new harry potter.

the relief AWD felt at finally seeing the movie was, i gather, akin to the relief i felt at finally mailing our wedding invitations. i am pretty sure he said something like, "now i can get back to living my life."

our review of the movie is two thumbs up. we laughed we (i) cried, we (i) clapped and it all wrapped up very nicely.

maybe even more nicely for us than other people because after the movie we went to a harry potter-themed birthday party and had homemade butter beer that we (i) loved.

sunday we hung out with jen who was up from georgia to win soldier of the year (yep. we roll with high rollers) and then sunday night i left for a quick work trip to indianapolis. i was back approximately 26 hours after i left, which is sort of just the right length of time for a work trip, i think. i mean, if i could just stay in those cozy hilton beds all day long, i would be happy for work trips to stretch out indefinitely. but, since i can't, 26 hours just about does it.

the only other news i think you're missing is that my stitches came out, but still no burgers for a few more weeks. i've graduated to solid food, which is good news, but i still have to cut it up and chew it on my back teeth, which is starting to be a pain.

i am back to brushing my teeth and kissing, though, which were my favorite two anyway.


Natalie said...

just wanted to let you know that i read every post, miss you every time, and want to see you ... say september in utah? :)

frances said...

yes, yes! september in utah is the perfect time for a reunion. to help the process along, i am pretty sure i stuck an invite to the salt lake reception in your announcement. (which i mailed yesterday. did you hear?) if i didn't, let me know and i'll send you the details. because you should totally come.