Thursday, July 1, 2010


where were you at 12:01 on tuesday night/wednesday morning?

because smack and i were at the midnight premiere of "eclipse" in a theater that was not nearly as full of screaming 13-year-olds as i had hoped.

but, no matter. because i am going to say this about "eclipse."

it was uh-mazing.

so good.

i loved it.

smack loved it.

i clapped at the end until she made me stop. (because everyone else had already stopped, but whatevs.)

no joke.

it was way better than the second one (like, waaaay) and at least as good as the first one. the acting is better (no more pained looks and fidgeting), the script was funny (on purpose) and i don't remember any completely ridiculous lines (see: the "hold on spider monkey" atrocity), the hair and make-up is better (the vampires look significantly less ridiculous, including when they sparkle in the sun), jasper has a southern accent, edward cullen is somehow dreamier than ever (who knew it was even possible?) and hello, jacob black and his abs. yum.

oh, and also there is more kissing.

i love kissing.

plus a really rad fight scene at the end.

and so, as usual, i find myself in the somewhat embarassing position of being a fan of something i should be mocking. and i have nothing to say for myself. nothing at all.

except that you should go see "eclipse." like now.


Lauren said...

Saw it last night with my mom and an old friend. LOVED it too. However I am definitely on team Jacob...i love him.

steve said...

I'm less disappointed at the fact that you watch this stuff...

and more disappointed that you clap at the end of movies.

Ashlee Kate Christofferson said...

I saw it yesterday. Hands down my favorite of the three! I hate waiting for the next one though.