Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hip to the hop

i have been working on a few projects this summer that fall under the "street cred" file. one of them is to un-ironically rock a fedora. i am still working on this. seems like it shouldn't be that hard but i am here to tell you, it is.

i've had a little more luck with my second street cred goal: get into hip hop music. i am almost (almost!) to the point where i can listen to it in my car with the windows down and not die on the spot of poser shame.

listening to hip hop was going well enough, in fact, that i decided to take it up a notch (as they say on the streets) and try dancing hip hop.

please stop laughing.


bixler and i hit up a hip hop dance class in friendship heights last night and, believe it or not, we can (sort of) shake what our mommas gave us.

honestly, i thought i was just going to crumble in a pile of massive humiliation at my first attempt to (i like to) move it (move it), but it was not nearly so embarassing as that and, in an added bonus, it was also really, super-duper fun (as they say on the streets). we have half of the routine pretty well down (i did it for emily h. last night when i got home and she said i looked awesome. so there) and we are going back next week to learn the rest.

i am afraid i was too busy working my moves (as they say on the streets) to take any pictures or (eek) video of the event, but just close your eyes and imagine me rocking it to this little tune (warning: there are swears) and i think you'll get the idea.

how did i look?


Evan and Holly said...

You looked awesome as usual. Did you read our blog about the baby? Did you hear how Bri missed it by a few minutes?

Popster said...

Napolean Dinamite, step aside.

steve said...

I think Sarah just put it best...

Do we need to have an intervention?

Susan said...


Mom said...

If you're working with what your momma gave you, your resources are severely limited. Sorry.