Friday, July 2, 2010

i like to move it, move it

tomorrow is moving day and i am only mildly terrified about the ratio of things i own to the space in which they must now fit.


i can tell you, though, that planning for a move across town is significantly easier than planning for a move across the country, so this experience has been approximately 1 zillion times less stressful and sad and bittersweet than my last one.

and, concerns about closet space and ugly ceiling tiles aside, i am completely thrilled to be moving into my own space. (not that life at the chez bennett is not wonderful. i mean, i've done that gig for three out of the past five years, so it can't be that bad.) but i am really stoked to see my paintings and my dishes and my refrigerator magnets again. and to not be displaced by japanese flute teachers and various other houseguests. and to live with emily h. and, maybe most of all, to sleep on my new, amazing, swear-it's-a-cloud mattress. makes me happy just thinking about it.

once the suitcases and boxes and plastic tubs are unpacked and the chaos has settled, i'll let you know how it went. until then, keep your fingers crossed that i don't have to give away any more shoes.

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Kate said...

Please email your new DC address post-haste!