Wednesday, July 14, 2010

shine or downpour

i am working like crazy this week at a training being held at a hotel that only serves pepsi products, so i don't have much to say except that you should feel really, really sorry for me because a lot of work plus pepsi only is a combination that simply cannot end well.

we did get a little break yesterday to take the event participants to the sunset parade at the iwo jima memorial. we saw the marine drum and bugle corps and the silent drill corps and it was all very lovely and moving.

until it started to rain halfway through. and then rain harder. and harder. and then it started to thunder. and then we saw lightning literally right in front of our faces. which a little scary when the other things right in front of your faces included fixed bayonets. because the marines are hardcore they just kept playing to the end, and then we ran through street puddles that were above my ankle and booked it home, soakingsoaking wet.

and then, for all my trouble, i busted out of that hotel and drank a diet coke.


Ninny Beth said...

that happened to me once at a work conference! There is NOTHING WORSE than being sequestered with only pepsi. Seriously. I finally found diet cokes at an exhorbitant rate at the gift shop and bought them in expensive bulk. Way to survive!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the picture of the Marines. My son is one of those Silent Drill Marines. I am always scouring the internet for a glimpse of him, his unit doing what they do! Thanks!!!
Katie S. from Houston - with a son proudly serving in Washington DC