Thursday, July 8, 2010

this old house

yesterday was day five of life at the new homestead, and we finally got the gas connected.

for reasons i cannot discuss in too much detail without risking a homicidal rage, the gas people came on the day i requested and then decided there were too many people around and left without doing anything, and so off our gas went.


we suffered through cold showers for one day before decamping to MJ's for a few mornings. and i have to say, if you are forced to shower at someone else's house, MJ's is not a bad place to do it because she'll play the ukele while you get ready.

just saying.

project numero dos has been ridding the house of new paint and carpet smell, mingled with the vague scent of smokers-as-previous-tenants. not great, but a vinegar/ammonia/baking soda concoction sprayed on the ceilings and into the vents seems to be doing the trick quite nicely. a few vanilla bean candles and i think we'll be in good shape.

also on the list of new house projects: assembling my massive wardrobe, which emily and i tackled last night and did a pretty good job of on our own until the top had to be inserted into the sides, at which point emily was nearly decapitated twice and we were forced to admit some level of defeat. luckily, jed was just around the corner and up for a nighttime furniture assembly extravaganza, so he came to our rescue and helped us finish the rest.

i even got my first piece of mail at the new house, courtesy of jaron's aunt kathy and the impending delivery of my big-girl mattress (any minute now!) will cap off the first week. so i would say we are off to a good start.

i mean, our kitchen is still entirely in boxes and we've been eating cereal out of plastic cups for a week, but what is that they say? don't sweat the small stuff? all right. i won't.

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Evan and Holly said...

I love the feeling of breaking in a new place and getting all settled. When that last cardboard box has been smashed down and put in the dumpster and the place is all yours and everything is clean and organized---bliss, pure bliss.