Monday, July 19, 2010

look who came to dinner

we put some good work into the house this week and weekend (kitchen unpacked! artistic dining room lighting design accomplished!) so we were ready for our first dinner guests on sunday, just in time to celebrate lance and robert's birthdays.

emily h. got a grill for her birthday last month, so our motto these days is "grill everything." (maybe we should make it "grill, baby, grill." thoughts on this?)

sunday's grilled menu included chicken, corn, zuchini and squash and melon (indeed! you can grill melon! and it is divine!) and then homemade raspberry frozen yogurt and grilled (!) angel food cake for dessert. we made a creamy chili powder sauce for the corn, which i thought i might hate but ended up loving, and squeezed lime juice in the melon once it was off the grill, which gave it a perfect little zip and made it even more delicious, despite the fact that such a thing seemed impossible.

laura's homemade garland added just the right touch of festivity, and was a lovely complement to our new paper lantern montage in the dining room.

it was so lovely to have people over to our new home and to feel like it actually is a home after a couple weeks of boxes and terrible work schedules. grilling adventures on the horizon include grilled pizza and shrimp sandwiches. and the ice cream maker is always at the ready. stop by any time.

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PNRBAC said...

You should try grilling asparagus - a little olive oil, salt, and cracked pepper - it's heaven. Let me know how the pizza turns out!!