Thursday, July 15, 2010

grocery god(dess)(es)

we bid farewell to one ms. sarahlolson last night with a grocery store adventure activity and it turned out to be a night full of magic.

for starters, emily h. and i were tasked with finding the most delicious food or drink in aisle 12, which, at the giant on glebe, is the chip and condiment aisle. horse radish, anyone? but then, just as we were about to settle for cheese puffs, we found a bag of discarded ghiardelli chocolate chips! right there on aisle 12. we took it as a sign and picked them up.

divine intervention was confirmed a few minutes later when we came across these, while browing for african-american hair care products.

i think it is safe to say, someone upstairs is watching.


Susan said...

oh, those sprays are just too wonderful.

100% legitimate!

Mojo said...

Much better than the Medium Frank The Businessman Spray that I tried last week. It was only 50% legitimate.