Thursday, July 22, 2010

turning point

turns out if you are still working crazy hours even though things were supposed to have calmed down and/or you have been too lazy to get it together and sign up for wireless internet service at home (and/or the nearby neighbor's wireless internet that you have been somewhat successfully poaching suddenly and completely disappears, speaking of which, what the heck?) you just don't blog as much as you used to.

but, that seems like the story of my life these days and turns out you are probably used to it by now, so let's just move on. deal?

turns out you can grill just about anything and this includes pizza. yes, pizza. turns out you just throw the dough on the grill and the magic happens. complete with cheese and artichoke hearts. also turns out that if you invite dana over to help you eat grilled pizza, she'll bring mangoes on sticky rice. turns out those are delicious.

turns out i am glad doobie suggested we go see "inception" last night even though i had read some lukewarm reviews, because turns out it blew my mind. dreams in dreams in never-ending dreams? wowsa. turns out leonardo dicaprio is sort of past his prime, imho. but jospeh gordon levitt? wowsa.

turns out i really can get myself on a schedule whereby i arrive at work on time every morning. and turns out this schedule also allows time for making my bed and reading my scriptures and eating breakfast. every morning! turns out i am amazed.

turns out i really love having a little home to come, well, home to. especially when i am tired from working 1 gazillion hours in one week, or when people make me mad, or when people make me sad, or when i see funny little old men sneakily pruning other people's trees and then running away and i can't wait to tell someone about it. turns out emily h. will laugh at my stories and also let me read things out loud to her. which, turns out, is pretty great.

turns out i left waaaaay more kitchen stuff at my parents' house than i thought i did, but also turns out that my mom is pretty great and she mailed it to me. so, turns out, we will soon have a fondue pot at our house. grill everything and then dip it in chocolate? turns out i think that is a pretty good idea.

turns out i had more to say than i thought i did.

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