Monday, June 28, 2010


moving day is fast approaching and i only have a few more major tasks to accomplish before i am ready to fly the bennett coop. today's mission: buy a mattress.

this will be my first grown-up, not-a-twin mattress, and will also be the first mattress i have ever purchased by my own, adult self. it's a big day. i've been listening to this song to get myself ready.

wish me luck! and feel free to come sleep over any time.


Evan and Holly said...

While I have had two grown-up mattresses (although Evan and I slept on a twin for about three months), I've never bought one. All of ours have been second-hand gifts, but very sweet ones. I wish you the best of luck. Someday we won't be students anymore and I can buy a double sided pillow top. :)

steve said...

one word

four syllables