Tuesday, June 15, 2010

nothing to see here

to borrow a phrase from my therapist friends, i am just going to name it and claim it and say my blogging has been sort of pathetic lately and i'm real sorry about it.

the thing is that these days i am just mostly working and going to utah. i head back to the beehive state tomorrow as a matter of fact (again) for ck's wedding (first time).

i've also been doing a little furniture shopping and am currently debating whether i have enough of a sustainable creative-type personality to rock a french blue antique dresser. any thoughts you might have on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

i guess i could also tell you that dana and i went to see patty griffin at the 9:30 club on saturday and it was, well, there are no words. patty griffin is an emotional powerhouse with a voice that gives you chills in the best sort of way. dana cried when she sang "up to the mountain." it was that good.

but you know life is a little slow when the only other thing i can think to tell you is that uncle bob went out and trimmed the front bushes this morning. in his highwater pajamas. and bare feet. actually, it was sort of awesome.

but really, that about wraps it up. so. i am going to go to utah (again) and you have a good week and we'll catch up on the flip side. sound good?


Mom said...

Highwaters I get -- all the 6'7"+ Bennett men can only get highwater pajamas. But what was so compelling that he had to trim the bushes today? In bare feet?

Ems said...

yes to the dresser and yes to patty griffin (and YES to you being in Utah of course, but I realize that being here for a wedding means the wedding is the focus!)