Tuesday, June 1, 2010

r and r

i have been feeling, as of late, a little bit like i am losing at life. i felt behind at work and at home, preoccupied with things i am sick of thinking about and worrying about, flaky and tired and like most of my time and effort was going to things out of my control.

one word summation: blerg.

so, with a long weekend looming and lots of people out of town and no committments or arrangements or anything else on my calendar, i sat down and made a list of all the things i wanted to do with three blissfully unplanned days.

and then i did them. all. it was magical. and i feel, once again, like i am ahead of the life-game.

weekend accomplishments included some lame but really necessary and thank-goodness-that's-done stuff such as: making a pile of documents to be shredded (bless that i am not audited by the IRS any time soon); buying sheets and towels and packing up my winter clothes and ordering a darling new quilt in anticipation of The Big Move (aka: TBM); cleaning the bathroom; so much laundry!; cleaning out my closet for the 900th time.

but mostly i spent three days doing a bunch of really fun stuff that i really wanted to do, like wandering around capitol hill and eating crepes at eastern market with liz, watching "iron man 2" (too many explosions, not enough downey) followed by delicious pizza with emily h., "young victoria" (i would like a marriage like albert and victoria, minus the nine children and premature death by typhoid, please), "exit through the gift shop" with LK at the totally awesome e street theater (if this is playing where you live, you must see it. so interesting, so funny and shepard fairey is so dreamy) and starting "battlestar galactica" over from the beginning (so far just as good the second time around). plus brunch with doobie and tara at american city diner, a really fascinating exhibit at the renwick of art created by japanese-american internment camp prisoners (thanks for the tip, dad!), a bike ride with athelia, some reading, and two naps! and, icing on the cake, i got to wear my new favorite skirt, which is a testament to retail miracles since i coveted it for months but refused to pay $98, and then one day it was $19 and i snatched it up.

all of which i captured with this awesome new camera app on my phone that makes your pictures look like they came from the 1960s.

thanks, memorial day weekend. i needed that.


Evan and Holly said...

So for those of us who have a list like yours, but can't seem to get it done. Not that I would ever admit to it or that I am speaking about me. How do you find time in just three days to do all of that??? Please share because Frances, that is the miracle here.

Sarita said...

mmmm....what app is that?

steve said...

you hipster you...

Ems said...

I bought that skirt for $19 too but on the opposite coast, in Seattle! great minds think alike! and what a lovely weekend, congratulations.