Thursday, May 27, 2010

a laugh a day

if you know me, you might be aware that i have something of a, shall we say, high-strung personality. i try not to, people, but sometimes panic is all i can do.

anyway, i have been feeling particularly wound up these days, so my mom started sending me a joke a day to help me keep my head. (smack points out that vodka or some sort of prescription medication would accomplish the same thing, but jokes seem easier and less potentially-dangeous.)

below is today's joke. warning: you will laugh out loud.

and they say serious journalism is dead.


Mom said...

Oh man, I laugh more every time I watch that one! I love how he looks off-camera every time the window doesn't break. And then after the take where the window rolls itself down, the next shot is of the back window -- trying to hide the fact that the front window is totally open. And every take the guy acts like he's saying it for the first time. I don't know, it just tickles me.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Yep, I laughed out loud. I like this guy- he was a great sport.

Sarah said...

Okay, Frances, you weren't expecting a comment like this, but I was just sitting here on my bed, crying. I had just read an email that my Grandma is dying. We all knew she was going to go soon, and it's time, and she's been wanting to die for like 20 years, and now she can be with my Grandpa, but I was surprisingly overwhelmed by the news. So I sat here and cried for a few minutes and then accidentally, while trying to get to another page, pulled up your blog. And then here was this funny video that totally made me laugh. Sense of humor restored. Just what I needed. :)