Monday, May 17, 2010

the first 1,000 years

this saturday marked one year since i moved to d.c.

one year since sallee and i pulled into bob and joyce's driveway and went out to dinner at red, hot and blue to celebrate.

one year since i said good-bye to most of what i knew, and hello to things mostly unknown.

one year.

it seems impossibly long ago, and like an impossibly short amount of time has passed, all at once.

it has been a year of good and bad and up and down, as most years are, i suppose. i have desperately missed familiar things and people, and desperately wished that they were closer when i needed and wanted them. i left more behind me this time than any other time and i have felt it.

but i have also felt like i was going to explode with all the excitement and discovery of a new life, new friends, new adventures. i have looked back a time or two, but i have never wished i could go back. and that, i think, is the test.

so here's to one full and happy year down, and many more to come.

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Evan and Holly said...

I can't believe that it has been a year. A year! Wow! Time goes by really fast when you look back. Congratulations on making it a year. We miss you though.