Wednesday, May 5, 2010

off to the races

for those of you who have ever gone to a department store and wondered if men actually buy pink shorts/full seer sucker suits/knee socks/linen pants/straw hats, allow me to relieve you of your suspense.

the answer is yes.

and they wear them to the virginia gold cup races.

don't believe me? see for yourself.

also spotted: argyle pants, red pants, popped collars, plaid bow ties and saddle shoes.

and we're still talking about the men.

if my life were ever to turn into the great gatsby (and i won't lie and tell you that i have never sometimes wished it would), i imagine that every day would lok something like the virginia gold cup.

luckily, i have the hat for it now.

and everyone else in our little group was looking rather dapper, and well-topped, as well.

oh, and there were also horses and racing.

the most dramatic event of the long, sunny day was a jockey falling off his horse after the horse's back hooves hit the gate, the horse then falling on top of the jockey, the horse then getting up and continuing to run the race sans jockey, the next horse and jockey behind coming over the gate and stepping on the downed jockey and the jockey rolling around on the ground in what had to be excruciating pain before the ambulance finally made its way over what seemed like too long a time later.

as for the title race, the virginia gold cup, it was he's a conniver in front the whole time until the last lap when bubble economy surged from behind and won it by a nose! (literally.) i sort of had my heart set on idle hour stormy night taking home the trophy, but oh well.

i was also hoping to work up the nerve for a my fair lady style outburst including my favorite curse. but i never quite got there. so next year i'll bring my awesome hat and my cockney accent.


Lauren said...

I was there too!!! Wish I would have known you were there.

Popster said...

Why are you so short? You seem to be the tinest person in all the group photos.

Popster said...


That is tiniest (not saying that the others are large, just that you have to jump around in the shower to get wet).

PNRBAC said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall of your life. *sigh*