Tuesday, May 25, 2010


it was another successful weekend in new york.

(is there any other kind?)

for starters, i got to finally meet this baby, though i was too busy adoring him when he was smiley to snap a picture, so all we have is his i-need-a-nap face.

but still. heart-meltingly adorable.

and i got to celebrate this girl, who i love so dearly. could not be happier for her. truly.

i spent the rest of saturday with jaron, who happened to be out of town in the same town as me, thanks to best friend jeff (hereafter known as bfj) who had come to nueva york on business from l.a. i convinced them to eat giant cookies as big as our faces from levain bakery (didn't take much) and they convinced me to spend the afternoon poking around russian grocery stores in brighton beach. seems like a fair trade.

bfj laughed at my "a neutron walks into a bar..." joke (my favorite!) so i think we are good to go there.

the traditional sunday brunch with ABK included the traditional intellectual exchange, this time about whether the term "silver fox" means a leacherous older man who sleeps with younger women (see: george clooney) or a suave and handsome older man who is not leacherous but who sleeps with whoever he wants, younger women included (see: george clooney).

the other sunday goal was a shepard fairey exhibit down on canal street, which was sadly closed when suvi and i arrived. but, we made up for it with a pilgrimage to a shepard fairey mural on houston street. it was partially covered with graffiti tags, but was still pretty amazing. i have always preferred art i can touch anyway. so take that, exhibit with your weird and ever-changing hours.

we also passed a lesser-known but just as wonderful shepard fairey on our way home from church earlier in the day, so i would say we did mr. fairey (fairly) well.

and then it was a slice of pizza and home again, home again, jiggity-jog.



Ems said...

oh man, it never gets old how small the world is...bfj is one of my absolute favorites in this world. I love thinking of you and those boys running around together.

Ninny Beth said...

girls I love! GiRLS I ADORE!