Sunday, May 9, 2010

weekend update

high(s): outdoor movie; stayed in bed until noon on saturday; baseball game for jimmy's birthday (the nats won, and i got a tan!); froyo at mr. yogato; art purchase; stayed in bed until noon on sunday; fresh flowers and chocolate chip cookies; phone call from jen; celebrating a mother i simply adore; the peace and power of priesthood blessings.

low(s): utah GOP convention taken over by the wackos; v-slice's going away party (fun party, sad occassion); another button fell off my sweater; i cut myself shaving. again.

how was your weekend, dears?

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Amy Poulson said...

Yes complete wack-os. Wackooooos. I am disgusted with Utah politics right now. Actually, I usually am, but I am really disgusted right now. What were those delegates thinking? And I would say I was proud to be democrat right now, but they did something almost as stupid with Jim Matheson. Seriously, disgusted! Please apologize to Uncle Bob for all of us normal people, who would have happily sent him back to D.C. for another term. What a dumb move for Utah. Thanks R delegates for that. So dumb.