Monday, May 10, 2010

bob's your uncle

aunt joyce greeted me this morning with a big hug to say thanks for the flowers and cookies i left on the kitchen table last night. really, it was nothing. i just figured if i was the one coming home after a hard-fought re-election campaign that ended in insane tea party activists (i'm looking at you, brother beck) taking over the GOP convention and knocking me out of the race, i might like to find some flowers on my kitchen table.

so, there's that.

the news that uncle bob was voted out of the convention on saturday was sad to be sure, because it means that the crazies, with all their dirty campaigning and misappropriated facts came out ahead. (have you started planning your escape in the event that sarah palin is elected president? i am not joking here, people. i will be moving to mexico. see you there.)

but it was also sad because uncle bob is just one of the best people you will ever meet, and it is nice to see good people finish ahead whether you agree with their politics or not. and let's be honest, there is a lot about uncle bob's politics with which i disagree. but i also happen to know that he is an honest man of utmost integrity who has only ever done what he thought was best for his state and his country. he said it best himself when he told the gathered crowd that he wouldn't have cast a single vote differently, even if he had known then that it would cost him his career now. something tells me that is more than his opponents will ever be able to say.

and on a more personal note, he has obviously showed nothing but endless kindness and generosity to me (i've lived with him twice, remember?) and i can tell you without a doubt that he has one of the biggest hearts around.

in short, convention results aside, i think uncle bob has every reason to be proud. and i am certainly proud to call him my uncle.


4 Reale said...

Frances, I couldn't believe the news when I heard. Even though I disagree with a lot of what Bennett has to say, I really liked him. If you're in Utah and you know you'll have a republican, you want one like your uncle. He also has done SO very much for Utah State. (Including, but not limited to a grant I've been working on for the last three years.) We're all pretty sad around here in Aggieville. Nothing but the utmost respect for that man.

Now get me the hellllll out of Utah. Or, better yet, let's work to get these crazies deported.

Peace and blessings,


Briana said...

First the unidentifiable seasons, and now a takeover by the crazies (wolves in sheep's clothing), we're near the end folks!

Popster said...

I think the measure of a person's personal integrity is a reflection of that person's political integrity.

I first met Uncle Bob in 1979, before Amy (Frances' mother) and I even were engaged. Since that time, I never have seen Uncle Bob act other than in a manner that demonstrates complete integrity. Not only does he have immense love for his country, he has unfettered love for his family (both immediate and extended). One time, shortly after we moved back to the US from Spain, we were in Washington. Uncle Bob invited the entire Bennett clan living in and around Washington (and the Bennett clan is large) to his house for a pizza party. I am talking 20 pizzas here, folks. Frances is just one example of how Uncle Bob opens his house and his heart to others.

I usually say that Uncle Bob is the most qualified person for whom I will not vote. In this instance, I would have voted for him. Politics is the art of compromise. Politics is not the act of polarization. It is curious that Uncle Bob was defeated for practicing what politics truly is. We all (whether or not we are from Utah, and I certainly am not) will suffer because of it.


PNRBAC said...

A beautiful tribute to Uncle Bob and his integrity and generosity. We have ALL benifited from the man he is. Thanks Frances.

Sarita said...

This just makes me sad. And is an example of what is wrong with politics today. I so admire anyone from any political side that understands the need for and is open to compromise so that our country can actually move forward. And things can actually get done.

What we see know is increasingly the equivalent to a toddler sticking their fingers in their ears and stomping their feet because they cant get exactly what they want.

Yay for Uncle Bob for not being a four year old. Even when it is (evidentially) unpopular. And for having such integrity through it all.

Unknown said...

Frances, I am a Representative at the Utah State Legislature (you helped me on my campaign last fall). I was present at both the Republican and Democratic state conventions this weekend and I still haven't recovered from my disappointment and anger. I was horrified by the lack of civility demonstrated by the delegates present. Your uncle is a fine man who has done an excellent job for this state. What a way to thank him for all his years of public service. I am so saddened by Saturday's events.

Julia said...

Some people are in politics for power, fame, prestige and some are in politics to make a difference. Everyone knows why your Uncle was there and it's absolutely awful that through lies and deception, he wasn't able to continue to make a difference. Like you, my political views are different than your Uncle's, but there aren't many people I respect more than I do him.

This latest escapade in screwed-up Utah politics has put the nail in the coffin of me ever wanting to live there again.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Ditto Cousin. That was a depressing day for Utah, but at least Bob is still awesome. He certainly would have had my vote.

Amy Poulson said...

Can you please persuade your uncle to do a write-in campaign??