Thursday, June 3, 2010

pedal pushers

i leave tomorrow morning for utah and the little red riding hood bike ride and so, fueled by last minute training panic, i have spent most of my time this week in spinning classes.

don't worry if you thought the little red was still a couple months away. so did i. obviously.

jaron suggested that i try to take over my spin classes, a la dwight schrute.

i opted for panting and panicking and praying that my head/heart/soul/will to live would not explode instead.

but, i think i am ready to go! sallee and i are approaching this year as a rebuilding year (cause sea-level dwelling for me and birthed a baby two months ago for her), so the motto is, ride until we want to stop, and then eat a bunch of candy. definitely something i can get behind.

wish us luck!

(and if you live in salt lake, come celebrate our survival saturday night with s'mores in sallee's backyard. i'd love to see you, and we'll let you praise us all you want.)

1 comment:

Kate said...

I really truly thought of you while watching Dwight usurp spinning leadership!