Tuesday, January 10, 2012

abbey road

it snowed yesterday, just enough to dust all the trees and grass with sparkling white but leave the roads completely clear. so basically, my favorite kind of snowfall. and a perfect excuse to cozy up at home for the night.

so, we had EH over for dinner (i think i finally mastered black bean and sweet potato tostadas) and then drank hot chocolate while we watched the premiere of season two of "downtown abbey." (see previous effusive post here.)

the two-hour opener definitely did not disappoint, and i think i know where we'll be every monday night for a few weeks.

the biggest triumph of the night was my correct suspicions (spoiler alert!) that lang, the new valet, had post-traumatic stress disorder. AWD countered that i think everyone has post-traumatic stress disorder (too much time with the wounded warriors?). but the fact was confirmed not only in the course of the episode, but also in this very helpful webMD article.

and so, you see, "downtown abbey" is not only entertaining but educational. not to mention it should totally count as work hours. winning.

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