Monday, January 9, 2012

merry (first) christmas and a happy new year

while i am well aware that stores already have valentine's day candy (aware because i have already bought some), i still haven't blogged about christmas so let's just proceed as if i am not terribly behind.

shall we?

we had a lovely first christmas together, as you can see in this hard-won photographic proof.

the weather in denver was divine and we had a full schedule with lights at the botanic garden...

the nature and science museum, a tour of the hammond candy factory...

IMAX movies, indie movies, lunch downtown, bookstores and ranch wear stores and lots of yummy cooking at home. oh yeah, and a full day of outlet shopping (AWD brought a book).

i have always loved going home to visit, and i love it even more now that i get to take AWD with me. it just feels good and right somehow.

on new year's eve the mama bear and i went downtown to watch the 9p.m. fireworks display (the countdown was a little anti-climactic) and were home in time to watch the ball drop and toast the new year with our husbands.

and now, here we are. the year of our lord two thousand and twelve. i have a few resolutions in mind-- to be more consistent, more conscious, less covetous-- and i have a good feeling so far about the way things could go.

hope the same is true for you, my babies.

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